Meet Roechelle

Roechelle desperately needed a safe place… away from the abuses she had endured… away from meth, alcohol, and temptations…

Thankfully, she knew about Union Gospel Mission. She had stayed at UGM twice and knew they would welcome her back. “I was sober, but I needed to get away from the triggers or I would start using again. And that meant losing my son for good.” Moving into UGM would provide her with that safe place – with mentors to help her pay off debts, save money, stay healthy, and even have visits with her son!

“I had a great job in construction,” she says, “I was pulling up my credit score, but I still had felonies and evictions against me. I needed to find a landlord willing to work with me. There were just a lot of barriers to knock down.”

Roechelle met each challenge and finally achieved her greatest goal – getting her son back! Eventually she returned to UGM as an exceptional employee to help those like her overcome their own barriers.

A former guest of the women’s center gave us the most beautiful handwritten letter as she left for her new apartment. She concluded:

… I truly believe that the teachers, chapel, group studies, case managers, and staff have created a Godly environment in which truth, confidentiality, trust, spiritual growth, and emotional and mental healing can thrive, and enable people to move beyond their pasts to embrace futures filled with hope and God’s blessings.

Little by little, my barricades are falling apart thanks to my experiences and friendships here… I will forever be grateful for my time here and God’s leading in my life. Thanks to all those at UGM for your faith, devotion, kindness, and patience. May God richly bless this much needed ministry to the “least of these.”

God bless and keep you all!


Meet James

James came to UGM looking for a meal, but when he heard all the good things happening for other men there, he decided he wanted more.

When you finally reach the point where you know you just can’t do it anymore, just watch what God can do!” he says.

James joined the discipleship program and began to grow in faith. He learned he wasn’t a bad person… he had just made some bad choices.

Now, James is working at UGM helping other men, showing them it’s possible to change. “I work security at the front desk of the Men’s Center. I see the guys and their skepticism. All I care about is how I can share God with them.”

James is thankful to Union Gospel Mission for being there when he needed a helping hand. He says, “It’s so much more than a place to get a hot meal and a bed. It’s truly life changing.”

Been so helpful to so many over the years. Anyone who has a need is welcome there. I know of many people who have called or come in to get clothes. food, anything they need to start a new home.

- C.P.

Thank you, Pineapple, for allowing us to go to UGM and letting us minister! It was an amazing opportunity and time… Our time in South Dakota was so much better because of you! We will always cherish these moments and would love to come back anytime!

- GX International

Great service organization for helping people. We enjoy coming on Saturday night to help with the praise and worship service.

- M.J.

- L.Z.

The renovated facilities are very accommodating.

- J.Y.

- T.T.